Please arrive 30 minutes prior to showtime for in-theatre service.

FFathom Events and Engage Media Partners are excited to bring The Price of Fame to the big screen. This is the story of one man who made it to the top and tasted the glory. Ted Dibiase is known as Million Dollar Man to wrestling fans, the bigger than life character that helped launch the sport of Wrestling to gain a firm hold in international culture. The Price of Fame explores the life of Ted and his family, from his pro-wrestling father to his pro-wrestling son. They built a legacy in the ring, but the lasting impact will be felt for generations outside the ring. Discover what the Price of Fame was for Ted, and what he found that changed everything, something that is priceless. Following the feature, fans will be treated to a panel of wrestling guests. This event will be in theatres for one night on Tuesday, November 7th, 2017.

For tickets, please choose 11/7 on the ticket calendar or visit Concierge.